General Terms and Conditions



Holiday Suites only accepts reservations from persons over 18 years of age. Holiday Suites reserves the right to refuse a reservation at any time without giving reasons. Holiday Suites must be in possession of all personal information including address, phone number and email address of all persons present during the stay in order to make necessary communications with you. In its absence, Holiday Suites is unable to communicate to you important information related to arrival and departure (key safe, code, directions, …). It is also forbidden to allow persons or pets to stay that you did not specify at the time of reservation. Determination of such fact by a Holiday Suites employee or representative, may result in Holiday Suites withholding part or all of the deposit or removal from the park without the right to a refund.
In case of damage, the renter must pay the amount due.


The full amount of your reservation must be paid before arrival. If payment is not made on time, we will cancel your reservation. You can choose the location of your suite at an additional charge. You can also group multiple suites in the same booking. All preferences are subject to availability and should be requested at the time of your reservation.



A number of elements included in the price should be reviewed on a periodic basis such as (but not limited to) energy costs. Holiday Suites reserves the right to change prices and/or charge a surcharge. Also, Holiday Suites reserves the right to change discounts and rebate schemes. The price indicated on the confirmation/invoice is binding, muv. accumulating promo codes, where Holiday Suites reserves the right to revise the price.

Included in the price:

  • Rent
  • Use TV
  • VAT
  • (Mandatory) rental of sheets
  • Consumption of energy, water, taxes and duties….
  • Cleaning

Not included:

  • (Optional) rental of towels
  • Other supplements (pet, baby kit…)
  • Cleaning during your stay (on request)


  • For reservations with arrival dates within 2 months, you must pay immediately.
  • For reservations with arrival date, more than 2 months before departure and with a minimum amount of €250, you have 2 choices:
    • You pay a 30% deposit. The rest you pay, at the latest, 2 months before departure.
    • You pay for your entire reservation immediately.
  • For last-minute reservations, less than 7 nights before departure: payment must be made by customer within 12 hours of booking. If no payment was made, Holiday Suites International has the right to cancel the booking.

Changes and cancellation


If, after booking, you wish to change the period of your stay, this is possible up to 30 days before your arrival. Booking extras or extending your stay is always possible based on availability. Changes and cancellations can always be made by phone at +32 (0)2 588 03 03.

  • When changing at the same or cheaper rate, we charge €25. For a cheaper rate, you will receive the remaining amount under the form of a voucher.
  • When changing to a more expensive rate/period, we do not charge a fee.


A reservation on your own website is always non-cancellable unless you add the “Flexible Booking Conditions” option.

Non-cancelable rate (= standard rate)
Cancellation without charge is not possible.

  • In case of cancellation, more than 30 days before departure, we charge 30% of the total price.
  • In case of cancellation, less than 30 days before departure, we charge 100% of the total price.
  • Additional extras/supplements booked cannot be canceled.

Cancelable rate
It is possible to add the “Flexible Booking Conditions” option. For €15 per night, per vacation rental you will enjoy:

  • Possibility to change once free of charge up to 2 days before departure.
  • Possibility to cancel free of charge up to 2 days before departure.


You can reach reception at the phone number +32 (0)2 588 03 03 every weekday from 8am to 10pm, including weekends.

Arrival is scheduled on the day of arrival from 3 p.m. onwards. (until 10 p.m.). Failure to arrive within 24 hours of the agreed date without notice will be considered a cancellation (no refund).


On the day of departure, you must have left the vacation accommodation before 10:00 am. We reserve the right to carry out (cleaning) work around the vacation accommodation from 8 a.m. onwards. All guests must abide by all rules listed in the park rules. Any violation of these rules may result in removal from the park without the right to a refund. The park rules are available on the website mentioned above.

Privacy and legal caveats


All information provided to us, including through our website, will be used to respond to your request and included in our database. This file is used by and for guest administration, sales, marketing and accounting purposes. This data may be used to provide targeted information and offers on our products and services, both by ourselves and third parties. At your request, we will correct, supplement, delete or shield your data in case the data is factually incorrect.
If you do not wish to receive information or offers, please let us know at or at the following address: Monnikenwerve 17-19 at 8000 Bruges, Belgium.

Legal caveat

In compiling the brochure, information, communications and website, Holiday Suites has taken every care, but cannot guarantee continuous accuracy and/or completeness at all times.
Holiday Suites excludes all liability of any kind arising from inaccuracies and/or omissions. All bookings and offers are always subject to the general terms and conditions of Holiday Suites.


Images, including photo and video footage, of Holiday Suites locations (the property, buildings, suites) may not be used for commercial purposes. This can only be done with the agreement of Holiday Suites.


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If you book online, you will first need to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.

You are encouraged to confide information to us regarding the following cases:

During the reservation of a stay that you perform on our website.
To keep you informed of our special offers, our promotions or any other action, by registering on our site, subscribing to our newsletter or entering a contest.
By participating in surveys or by contacting us with a question or other issue
It is up to you to verify that all information, provided at the time of your registration, or at any other time, is correct and complete. All personal data entered on, and may be used for direct marketing purposes. For the proper follow-up of your file, we would greatly appreciate it if you would inform us immediately of any change in the information provided during your registration.

HOLIDAY SUITES INTERNATIONAL is responsible for handling and managing all information, which concerns you, with the utmost confidentiality. This information is used by our internal departments for administrative and commercial purposes for handling your reservation or to personalize the content of our offer and our thematic newsletters. Any requested information, which is not absolutely necessary for processing your reservation, will be clearly indicated as being optional and you will therefore be free not to complete it. The entire content of this site is protected by copyright of trademarks, of databases, as well as by other rights of intellectual property and belongs to HOLIDAY SUITES INTERNATIONAL. You can retrieve the content of the site and display it on a computer screen, print some pages on paper, and store these pages in electronic form or on a diskette (but not on a server or peripherals connected to a network) for personal and non-commercial purposes (in the context of home). Any other reproduction, modification, copy, distribution or use for commercial purposes of all or part of the contents, is strictly prohibited without written permission HOLIDAY SUITES INTERNATIONAL. HOLIDAY SUITES INTERNATIONAL undertakes to maintain a particular care in the sincerity of the information obtained on the site especially regarding product and price specifications and to update the site regularly. However, misinformation or omissions may be identified that are due to typographical errors or errors in formatting. If you find some errors, you are requested to point them out to us so that we can correct them appropriately.

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All rates include local taxes. The vacation rentals each feature personalized furnishings. We expressly reserve changes in design and implementation of our grounds and associated objects. All prices listed are in euros and include the applicable VAT rate. These conditions supersede all previous conditions and take precedence over any other publication or posting.

Force majeure

If the execution of the agreement is prevented or made impossible in whole or in part, temporarily or otherwise, due to circumstances beyond the control of Holiday Suites (strikes, danger of war, blockades, fire, floods, storms and other disturbances of any kind), force majeure exists on the part of Holiday Suites.


We accept no liability for:

  • Theft, loss or damage of any kind during or as a result of a stay at the park.
  • The malfunction or inoperability of technical equipment and the failure or closure of tourist facilities in the park.
  • Information provided orally or by telephone.
  • Inconveniences, such as nuisances, which are caused beyond our responsibility by third parties.
  • Misprints in our correspondence and/or communications.
  • The renter and those accompanying him/her are jointly and severally liable for all loss/damage that will occur to Holiday Suites or any third party as a direct or indirect result of their stay, regardless of how or by whom it was caused.
  • Loss or interception of data, passwords or settings on private devices because of connecting to and using our Holiday Suites WIFI networks.

Holiday Suites reserves the right to make changes in the design of its vacation rental packages. Holiday Suites also reserves the right to close suites under special circumstances. In that case, we will provide a rebooking, suggest a new date or offer a free cancellation. Otherwise, there is no possibility or entitlement to any compensation. We draw your attention to the fact that (maintenance) work can always be carried out without your being entitled to compensation or reimbursement. For parks under construction or renovation, Holiday Suites reserves the right to rebook you to another destination of at least equivalent quality.

If you have a justified complaint, you must immediately (within 2 hours of arrival) contact the Holiday Suites central telephone number +32 (0)2 588 03 03 so that Holiday Suites can make every effort to resolve matters. Should matters not be resolved to your satisfaction, you must submit the complaint in writing to within one month of your departure. Any compensation can never exceed the amount of the net rental price (without supplements, surcharges).

House Rules
To ensure the comfort of our guests and provide everyone with a pleasant stay, we ask that the following be taken into consideration:

  • Respect everyone’s evening and night rest between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • No smoking in the suites and on the entire property (don’t touch the smoke detector either)
  • Use the cooker hood when cooking
  • Leave furniture in place
  • Do not leave extra material on the hallways
  • Report any damage no more than 2h after arrival
  • Don’t leave your pets alone in your suite
  • Mandatory use of provided sheets
  • Park your car at only the permitted spaces
  • Respect check-out duties
    • Dishwasher emptying and storage of utensils.
    • Pick up sheets and place in plastic bag at the front door of your suite.
    • Close windows and doors, heating & lights
    • Deposit your sorted waste in the containers
  • It is forbidden to charge electric vehicles through suite outlets
  • It is forbidden to charge electrical devices not proper to the suite (excluding cell phones, tablets, etc)

In case of violation, a fine may be imposed.

A maximum of 2 pets are allowed per suite. Animals must have received legal vaccinations and proof will be forwarded to Holiday Suites prior to arrival. The owner/companion is responsible for their animal. Animals must be on a leash at the park. The attendant will clean up the animal’s feces. The fee of € 10.00 / night / pet you pay is for disinfecting the apartment. All pets must be declared at the time of reservation, failing which and determination the daily fee provided per pet multiplied by factor 2 will be deducted from the security deposit, plus administrative fees.

Final cleaning is always included in the price of your stay. For longer stays, mandatory interim cleaning is provided. Every 14 days the enclosures must be cleaned. Interim cleaning costs €60. Fresh sheets can also be provided during longer stays. Per additional sheet package you pay €8.