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Do you have a question about our concept, check-in or anything else? Then be sure to check out the following questions. 

You can, but then it won’t be more advantageous! The prices you see on the vacation-oriented website are often different from the prices we offer for our business clientele. Due to longer periods, with larger groups, we can provide more economical prices. To book your stay, please contact one of our Business Booking Advisors.

For your convenience, we are happy to offer flexible cancellation policies. In doing so, it is of course possible to cancel your stay. Are you unable to use our facilities due to circumstances? Then, according to the number of nights away from the arrival date, you will pay a percentage of the total sum of the stay.

We have different types of suites, based on equipment and size. Here we talk about an Essential Suite, a Cosy Suite or a Comfort Suite. According to the number of employees you want to house, we will create the most comfortable situation for your employees.

Initially, we do not offer breakfast in our residences. In our residences in Zeebrugge and Nieuwpoort it is possible to have breakfast in the Ibis hotel located on the same property. In addition, each suite has a fully equipped kitchen with cutlery, oven, microwave, coffee maker,… so it is certainly possible to provide your own full breakfast.

We deliberately do not put our prices for B2B guests online. This is because every customer is different, and we consequently adjust our prices within the context. So we are always happy to prepare a customized quote for you. For that, you can always reach us by phone or email.

Yes indeed! Our cleaning crew visits each suite bi-weekly. That way, your employees can always come home to a pleasant environment. Would you like the cleaning crew to visit your employees more frequently? You can, subject to an additional fee.

By default, these items are not present in the stays. We do offer additional services all the time. Thus, optional hotel services such as towels and sheets can be additionally booked.

Good news, because you don’t have to check in at all! We work exclusively with digital check-in. Our doors open with a code lock whose code will be sent to you three working days before your employees’ departure, if payment is made on time.

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